a trumpet blast

Jehovah said to me

Stand still and see the sun set

And the earth’s glory fail

See the productive land flourish

View a calamity and set your face

Against the evil doers

Leave the wrongs and sins of your past

Shine forth the beauty of righteousness

And the glory of your God

Sing a praise to hear and call

Forth a trumpet blast


Let out a roar and groan

Feel the pain of the productive land

Hear the feet of the gazelles wandering

In thirst and confusion

The parched ground squeaking

With the heat of dust

A blaze in the heart of the earth

A fire to devour mankind

Will come upon those whose hand is against

The foundations of the productive land

The despoilers of the sky and fowlers of the oceans


Send a call forth for truth to reign clear and bright

A ring of harmony to encircle the land

A time of healing to manifest

For judgement to have victory

A time to lift the heart with hope

A time for rejoicing

For the dirges and tribulation have past

Mankind’s sorrows have fled never to be seen again

Because the pain and out cries of the earth

Have turned into jubilation

Praise Jah you people let your heart be still

Salvation has awakened

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